Notices and Cancellations

*    Payment #8 will be due at the return of classes.  Whenever that is...

*    Office hours ...???

*     Students participating in the studio's annual show, can only missed up to three classes from the beginning of February             to the last class.  If you make up a missed class with a half-hour private lesson, then the absence will be excused.  To                 schedule a make up class, you must do so with the teacher of the class​.  You will need to contact them to set up a time.           Cost is $15 for a make up class, and payable to the teacher.  Payment is due before the class starts.


*    Cancellations due to weather, illness or any other unforeseen event will be posted onto this section of the website and             the studios facebook.  If you are not sure class has been cancelled, call or text April at 814-594-7811, or Jennifer at 814-           366-3509. Decision for cancellation due to inclement weather is made between 1:00 and 2:00 pm.  Please wait until after         2:00 pm to call.

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