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Description  of  Classes

    It is always exciting to start a new dance season.  To help each student reach their best it is important that they be placed in the proper level class. Classes are generally broken down by age or grade, but if a student is just starting dance, or is taking on a new subject that they haven’t studied before, it may be recommended if they start at a lower level to learn the foundation of that style of dance. If after working with a student for a couple weeks and a teacher feels a student should be placed in a different class, then the parent will be contacted and arrangements will be made to move to another class.  It is better for a student to be in a class where they are learning, and not following.  For scheduling purposes or car-pooling, you may move down a level, but a student won't be moved to a higher level.

  If you are registering for a class, know what you are committing to.  If you are prone to dropping out and quitting, then just sign up for individual classes, and not the Sept to May dance season. Dance though fun, does require work and time.  For those students who have been committed for years, the rewards are priceless; not just for them but for the teachers as well, who help a young child to mature into a strong, confident adult.  


Tiny Tot (One held in the fall, and one in the spring)

For the beginner dancer, not 4 years old by Sept 1st.  This is a six week session with the goal of introducing your little one to dance.  A gentle introduction to the group classroom experience, with basics in tap, ballet, gross motor skills, singing and acting.  An in studio performance for parents concludes each session.  $10 registration fee does not apply...$60 for each session.

is offered to the child not yet in kindergarten.  To participate in this class the student must be 4 years old by September 1st of this year.  Pre-dance is a 45 minute class incorporating both tap and ballet.  Classes are designed to teach both styles of dance, along with rhythm sticks, gross motor skills and singing.  


has three levels.  Students will be placed in classes based on capability.  Acro I is for students who have never taken acro, or cannot get up from a backbend.  Acro II is for students who have had some acro training and are able to get out of a backbend strong as well as perform cartwheels on both sides.  Advanced acro students need to have straight-legged walkovers, headstands and a right and left split.  All work is done on floor and mats with the goal of using no mats for the show.  This is a good foundational class for students wanting to excel in jazz, hip hop and contemporary technique classes.  It focuses on strength, flexibility and makes the student more aware of how to control the body.


is offered to students in kindergarten and up.  A great class to work on turns, leaps, and other tricks, it also will hone in on the rhythmical sense jazz dance has gained throughout the years.  Isolations, syncopation, percussion, and full body incorporation will challenge the students, and to excel to new levels as dancers and performers. Adv level students need to take ballet



is offered to students in Kindergarten and up.  With a traditional base, this class will explore progression through barre work, adagio and allegro work, as well as across the floor and center floor combinations.  It will concentrate on the dancer’s alignment, center of gravity, strength, and give each student a strong base for other dance genres.  THIS CLASS IS REQUIRED WITH ANY CONTEMPORARY CLASS, ADVANCED TAP/JAZZ, AND EVERY DDCC COMPANY MEMBER


is open to students in 4th grade and up.  It’s a luscious blend of movement.  Taking movement patterns and ideas from ballet, lyrical, and modern dance, this class will encourage expression and full body engagement.  We will dance on the horizontal, vertical, incorporate floor work, and tell stories through movement.  We will play with dynamic quality and will take the student from moving to DANCING!  Students taking this class, also need to be in a ballet class



is offered to students in Kindergarten and up.  It will be a rhythmical journey through the many faces tap dance has to offer.  It may consist of shuffling off to Buffalo – Broadway style, high kicking like the Rockettes, soft shoeing like Fred Astaire, or challenging the earthy sounds of the feet like Savion Glover. It promises to build intricate sounds, quick feet, rhythm, and a smile.   Adv level students need to take a ballet class

Pointe / Technique

To go en pointe, a student must have an understanding of and ability in ballet technique, strong ankles, solid alignment, and fully developed growth plates.  Students interested in enrolling in a Pointe class must be enrolled in a regular ballet class. This is also an excellent class for a student wanting more ballet technique, taking it in soft shoe.



is designed for students with a desire to excel as a dancer in any genre.  It will increase the student’s flexibility as well as improve upon more advanced turns and jump, and other tricks.  


Hip Hop

is offered to students in kindergarten and up. This class will focus on the wide range of styles such as breaking, locking, popping, funk, and whacking.  What separates hip hop from other styles of dance is its improvisational nature which will be used to bring self expression and warm sense of community among the students and teachers


Musical Theatre

is the class for the student who wants to be a “triple threat”.  Dancing, acting, lip syncing, and singing will combine to catapult the student into Broadway culture. This class will assist the dancer while expressing themselves through the voice, body, and expression and promises to be one of the liveliest classes the studio offers.  Starting with 2nd grade, there are two levels being offered.  Students will be placed by the studio as to what level.  Students must also be enrolled in a ballet,  hip hop, jazz or, stretch/turns/jumps class.


Adult Tap / Jazz / Ballet 

are an eight week low level class that  gets you moving, learn some basic steps and moves, laugh and, well...cross that one off your bucket list.  Cost is $70 for the eight weeks per genre.  No $10 registration fee is needed, payment in full upon registration.  This sessions will be scheduled throughout the year, with notice of upcoming sessions on the HOME PAGE.


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