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Welcome to April School of Dance

We are entering our 31st year of bringing the art of dance to Elk County and the surrounding areas.

Whether a student's desire is to learn for recreational purposes, or to  prepare for furthering their dance education in college or on a professional level; the studio can meet that objective by offering them the instruction and encouragement needed to be the best that he or she can be. 

At April School of Dance we enjoy helping people reach their goals and dreams.  To become more than a good dancer but to become a good student.  To take the disciplines learned in dance and apply them to other areas in life, so that they become a person who is poised, confident, and a unique individual  offstage as well as on.

April School of Danc

An eight week adult tap class is scheduled to start, Wednesday, March 29th, at 6:30pm.  Cost is $70 for the session.

A six week, Tiny Tots class is scheduled to start, April 12th at 6pm.  Ages three, four and five, for students not already enrolled at the studio.
Cost is $50 a session.

For more info on these classes, send an
To registration for the 2022/23 dance season 
You can download a registration form and mail it in.
If you would like info mailed to you, send a text to

To see this year's schedule, go to the page, CLASS SCHEDULE.

For more information, email,


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